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Read what others have been saying about the recent ARRL Board actions. Previous correspondence has been moved to the Archive.


Governance Topics at the January 2018 ARRL Board Meeting – Comments supplementing the content of the official board meeting minutes.

ARRL Board Members

ARRL Southwest Division Director,  Dick Norton N6AA,  Yuma Hamfest 2018 – As uploaded to YouTube by Ham Radio Now. N6AA was the Director that was censured by the Board last year. He provides some interesting commentary about the operation of the League and the Board. Dick’s presentation begins at 6:50.

ARRL Hudson Division Director Mike Lisenco N2YBB, “Towne Hall Webinar, Feb 11, 2018”  This site may popup some advertising that you will need to close.  The track begins with some setup and the actual presentation begins at 17:30.  Topics include the N6AA censure and K3RF election disqualification. Eventually the session turns into a Q&A with a few participating members. Questions include ARPA and dismissal of the K1VR opinion, and EMCOMM issues.


“QSL.” With a period instead of a question mark, it means “I am acknowledging receipt.” That was the bottom-line message sent by the ARRL Board of Directors to the League’s membership at its meeting in January. Faced with a firestorm of complaints and criticism from members, major clubs, and major donors over its so-called Code of Conduct, unexplained disqualifications of board candidates and proposed changes to the League’s Articles of Association and By-Laws, the directors made it clear that the members’ messages had been received loud and clear, “5-9 in Newington.”

— Rich Moseson,W2VU

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