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For more than 100 years, the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) was the organization we’ve trusted to openly serve its membership and advocate for amateur radio in the United States. Over the past two years, that has changed…

Why now?

There have been a range of troubling policy and governance actions taken by the League’s leadership over the past two years, as well as actions planned to be formalized at the Board meeting on January 19, 2018 in Newington. We are working hard to inform our fellow members across all segments of our community, and to encourage them to convey their feelings on these issues to the ARRL Board and management.

Update – January 21, 2018

Board Re-Elects Rick Roderick, K5UR, as ARRL President; Barry Shelley, N1VXY, is CEO-Elect

President Roderick, the League’s 16th President, received 9 votes, while the only other nominee, New England Director Tom Frenaye, K1KI, received 6 votes. Current ARRL Chief Financial Officer Barry Shelley, N1VXY, has been elected as Chief Executive Officer, to replace Tom Gallagher, NY2RF, who announced his retirement on January 18 after 2 years at ARRL Headquarters. Gallagher will step down on March 2. Shelley will serve until the Board selects a new CEO and is expected to serve in an advisory role to assist with the transition beyond that. The Board will create a CEO Search Committee.

Update – January 18, 2018

ARRL CEO Tom Gallagher NY2RF announces retirement.

Update – January 15, 2018

ARRL responds:  A Note to Members from ARRL President Rick Roderick, K5UR

Update – January 13, 2018

Your action and communication with Directors is making a difference!

Some of the proposed amendments to the League’s articles and Bylaws appear to have been removed from consideration, and revised versions of many of the remaining proposals have now been made public.  We thank the ARRL Board for listening!

The following no longer appear in the proposed Board motions. You may want to remove references to them in any future communication with ARRL leadership:

  • removal by BOD vote of an officer, director or vice director for cause;
  • revocation by BOD vote of an individual’s ARRL membership for cause;
  • incorporation of Board Policy on Governance (Code of Conduct) into Bylaws by reference

However, there remain many proposed changes to the League’s governing documents that we find very troubling:

  • granting director-like voting power to the president and three vice presidents (the N2YBB motions remain under consideration)
  • requiring compliance with the Code of Conduct Policy on Governance “at all times” as a condition of eligibility to serve as a Director;
  • reducing the time window during which a recall petition can be filed;
  • requiring that a recall petition include a statement of reason that will be subjectively judged by the Ethics & Elections Committee
  • limiting Directors’ consideration of Ethics & Elections Committee decisions to only materials submitted to E&E prior to the Committee’s decision thus limiting the ability of an accused to mount an effective response and defense.
  • allowing the Ethics & Elections Committee to declare a candidate ineligible to run for office without reference to purely objective criteria

In addition, there are proposed changes to the Board Policy on Director Governance (Code of Conduct). Notwithstanding those proposed changes, until and unless modified further, the Policy does the following:

  • prohibit any director, officer or vice director from making any adverse statements concerning a past Board decision;
  • prohibit disclosing any other Director’s vote unless voting details appear in the minutes or are otherwise made public;
  • prohibit a board member from conducting independent investigations.

There is a considerable amount of material to carefully review. Please note that the Board is not limited in what it can raise and consider at the Board Meeting. What we see published should be considered advisory, but can be modified, augmented or tabled at any time before or during the meeting.

You must continue to let your Director know your opinion!