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About Us

Who is myARRLvoice?

myARRLvoice is an independent grassroots group working on behalf of our fellow Members of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), monitoring the activity of ARRL leadership and advocating change to ensure the organization’s effectiveness in matters of policy and governance, and to foster ethical and competent stewardship.

View the members of the steering committee here.

How did myARRLvoice get started?

In December 2017, a small group of passionate, long-time supporters of ARRL recognized a disturbing trend in recent actions and proposals of the ARRL Board of Directors. This group banded together as myARRLvoice to better understand the issues, to educate the community and to advocate for positive change. The original group included John Crovelli W2GD, Kip Edwards W6SZN, Rusty Epps W6OAT, Bob Famiglio K3RF, Rich Gelber K2WR, Fred Hopengarten K1VR, Jim Idelson K1IR, Rick Tavan N6XI, Jim Talens N3JT, Bob Wilson N6TV and Marty Woll N6VI.

What are the issues myARRLvoice is focusing on today?

  • Matters of Governance
    • Director’s Code of Conduct
    • Eligibility of Candidates for Director Elections
    • Recall of Sitting Directors
    • Limitation of Liability and Indemnification for Board Members
    • Voting Rights for Officers
    • Censure of Directors
    • Expulsion of Members
    • Expulsion of Directors
  • Matters of Policy
    • HR555 Amateur Radio Parity Act

How can I help?

myARRLvoice needs your support and involvement today. Make your voice heard on the important issues you expect your ARRL leadership to be addressing.