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We believe the efforts taken at the January 2018 Board meeting were only the first steps in a collaborative process that will lead ARRL governance to a place where the following principles define the way we decide our future:

ARRL members should have timely access to information about current initiatives and proposed actions that impact them, and they should know the positions their Directors take and how they vote;

ARRL should be managed efficiently and always remain accountable, open and accessible to its members.  Democratic principles and due process should always prevail – favoring the Member;

Members should have the opportunity to express their views on any matter before the Board in advance of Board action.  Directors have an obligation to take member views and opinions into consideration on all matters of policy.

To maintain momentum, ARRL members need an open and active communication channel to share ideas and concerns with fellow Amateurs and with their ARRL representatives. will continue our analysis efforts and provide guidance that you can use locally to pursue solutions. will also assist members in evaluating candidates for ARRL elected positions using standards that should be at the heart of any membership-based, democratic organization.