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What’s New on myARRLvoice

The content on the site is changing as we get new letters or information about the pending Board motions. We will use this page to highlight new or modified information as changes happen.

The most recent changes are at the top of the list.

Feb 28

Reorganized the site to move information regarding the January 2018 ARRL Board meeting to the archive.  This is to clear the decks for new material as we move forward.

Feb 3

Added link to January ARRL Board meeting minutes to home page.

Jan 31

Added instructions on how to subscribe to ARRL Board Meeting agenda and minutes

Added to Other Voices

CWOps, Jan 15, 2018

Jan 26

Minor edits to The Issues page.

Jan 23

Added ARRL Board announcement to home page.

Jan 22

Updated The Issues page.

Updated Our Positions page.

Jan 21

Announcement about officer elections posted to home page.

Minor edits to many pages to begin identifying content that is specific to the January 2018 Board meeting.

Jan 18

Added link to NY2RF retirement notice on home page

Added to Other Voices

W3RQ Letter to N2YBB, Jan 18, 2018

W3RQ letter to K5UR, Jan 18, 2018

KB6NU blog post on NY2RF retirement

First State Amateur Radio Club, Jan 17, 2018

Neuse River Basin ARA, Jan 12, 2018

WB6RDV comments to K5UR, Jan 15, 2018

Jan 17

Added to Other Voices

John Shepherd AD6NR, Jan 17, 2018

Southwest Ohio DX Association, Jan 17, 2018

Jan 16

Added to Other Voices

Central Texas DX and Contest Club, Jan 16, 2018

Bishop (CA) ARC, Jan 16, 2018

Central Arizona DX Association, K7UGA, Jan 15, 2018

Texas DX Society, Jan 15, 2018

K2PH Letter to K5UR, Jan 16, 2018

K6LA Letter to K5UR, Jan 16, 2018

KB6NU Blog: K5UR’s “Note to Members” obfuscates rather than elucidates

Alan Applegate, K0BG (with response from Chris Imlay, W3KD),Jan 2, 2018

Sussex County Amateur Radio Club, Jan 13, 2018

N4AXE Blog

Jan 15

Added to Other Voices

A Note to Members from ARRL President Rick Roderick, K5UR, Jan 15, 2018

N2ZZ Message to Roanoke Division, Jan 15, 2018

Tampa Amateur Radio Club, Jan 15, 2018

U Penn Amateur Radio Club, Jan 15, 2018

Jan 14

Updated position on W9XA motions

Added pages to show how proposed motions may impact the AABL:

New home page graphic

Added to Other Voices

W5JON Letter Jan 13, 2018

KL7SB Editorial on

Boca Raton Amateur Radio Association, Jan 14, 2018

Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado, Jan 12, 2018

Jan 13

Added Our Positions page to provide myARRLvoice position on public motions

Updated home page with summary of published motions

Added to Other Voices page:

Fred Laun K3ZO, Jan 9, 2018

Prairie Dog Amateur Radio Club, Jan 13, 2018

North Jersey DX Association, Jan 13, 2018

W9XA statement on Central Division web site

Jan 12

Added to Other Voices page:

K5UZ Message to Constituents, Jan 12, 2018

Dave Moss  KE4UW Letter, Jan 11, 2018

K0BBC Message to Constituents, Jan 11, 2018

Majors Field Amateur Radio Club, Jan 11, 2018

K7CEX Response to Western Washington DX Club Letter

Updated motions from N2YBB, K5UZ, and W9XA are now available on the Board Actions and Motions page.

Link to latest CQ Magazine newsroom article on the Other Voices page.

Jan 11

New letters added to Other Voices page:

Donald Schliesser K6RV, Jan 11, 2018

Wayne Overbeck N6NB, Jan 10, 2018

Thomas Schiller, N6BT, Jan 10, 2018

Added links to forums to Other Voices page.

Jan 6

Site created.