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Steering Committee Members

My ARRL Voice has been created by a group of passionate ARRL members who have come together to help address the rising level of concern about the direction of our ARRL. Every one of us has a long-term relationship with the League, and we have every intention of continuing to support the League well into the future.

Rick Tavan, N6XI
Maxim Society and Legacy Circle Member

G. Kip Edwards, Esq., W6SZN (SK)
Maxim Society and Legacy Circle Member, Past Vice Director

Jim Talens, Esq., N3JT
Maxim Society Member

Rusty Epps, Esq., W6OAT
Legacy Circle Member

Fred Hopengarten, Esq., K1VR
Life Member, Volunteer Counsel, Leadership Donor

Robert B. Famiglio, Esq., K3RF
Life Member Volunteer Counsel, Past Vice Director

Marty Woll, N6VI
Life Member, Past Vice Director

John Crovelli, W2GD
Life Member

Rich Gelber, K2WR
LIfe Member

Bob Wilson, N6TV
Life Member