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AD6NR Letter, Jan 17, 2018

January 17, 2018


I have been a member of the ARRL since the late 60’s. I am a life member, a platinum level member of the Diamond Club and just a few hundred dollars short of joining the Maxim Society.

I am concerned, like many other members, about recent developments in the leadership direction of the ARRL. I know you have heard many comments opposing some of the proposed changes to the management structure of the League, so I will not repeat them in the interest of brevity.

I believe many of those objections are appropriate and urge you to postpone any definitive actions until you have had time to thoroughly understand the potential consequences of adopting the proposed actions, poll your constituency and arrive at a consensus of the ARRL membership.

My concern is that it appears the current management of the ARRL is attempting to empower itself with the ability of make what appears to be arbitrary and potentially capricious decisions concerning the suitability of candidates to run for elected office, the ability of currently elected officers to continue in office and even the membership of specific individuals. To “censure” a member, deny the candidacy of a member for elected office, or other such drastic measure without an open process with established criteria conducted by elected officers should not even be considered by the ARRL.

I urge the ARRL Board of Directors to act with prudence and realize that engendering any feelings of disenfranchisement by our members can only have a negative impact on the ARRL’s ability to be an effective advocate for amateur radio.

Regards and 73
John Shepherd AD6NR
Bishop CA.