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Bishop (CA) ARC, Jan 16, 2018

January 16, 2018

Board Members and Officers of the ARRL:

The Bishop (CA) ARC is a small ARRL affiliated radio club in the Orange Section of the Southwest Division.  Our club has a diverse group of hams from Technician Class to Extra Class with interests in HF and VHF.  The censure of our elected director N6AA was a topic of discussion at our meeting last night as well as a discussion of current and proposed articles in the governance of the ARRL.

We are deeply disturbed at the censure of N6AA.  At least two members of our club were in attendance at the ARRL forum in Visalia.  Neither of them recall any action by N6AA which could be construed as unfavorable to the ARRL and see no basis for a censure.  Our club members deem it essential that this censure be rescinded as a mischaracterization and an apology given to N6AA.

We also discussed the current wording on the so-called Code of Conduct and find it very secretive to the point that we do not know why certain changes were or are planning to be adopted.  In particular the N2YBB proposal to increase the voting rights to unelected board members is incongruous with the notion of a member driven democratic organization.  We urge you to defeat any attempt to do this.

We are also opposed to the proposal to terminate an ARRL membership “for cause” without defining what the cause may be.  This proposal seems to be an attempt to discredit any ARRL member who might be dissenting toward board issues.  We urge this proposal to be defeated.

This letter received the unanimous support of the members at the meeting as well as our club officers.

Respectfully,  Paul Dostie KK6BAF  BARC President