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K0BBC Message, Jan 11, 2018

Date: Thu, Jan 11, 2018 at 8:48 AM
Subject: Board Meeting Motions To Consider

On January first, I began serving as your Dakota Division Director.  I
want to thank Kent Olson KA0LDG for the serving as our Division
Director, Vice Director and North Dakota Section Manager.  He has been a
great role model for me as I learned the ropes as your 2016-2017 Vice
Director. The past eleven days have gone by quickly as 2018 Vice
Director Lynn Nelson and me prepare for next week’s ARRL Board of
Directors meeting in Connecticut.  I have completed my review of the
motions being proposed to date, which have been posted to the Division
web site so you can form your own opinions.

The first motion is submitted by Central Division Director Carlson.  He
is proposing changes to the Code of Conduct that make it clear that a
director can share their public vote and share their opinions with
members.  Left intact is the original author’s spirit that board
members must at all times always act with dignity and integrity, both
inside and outside of Board meetings, reflecting the ARRL’s high
standards for ethical behavior and professionalism.  I support the
motion because I hope the updated language will clarify what the
document is and is not.  I signed the board’s code of conduct and have
no problem following it.  I feel I can freely share my opinions with my
fellow directors and have my opinion heard at board meeting proceedings.
Once the vote has been tallied, it is my obligation, in a public
setting, to present the board’s decision, not my own.  The board and all
the ARRL staff and volunteers need to present a unified voice when we
speak in public or with government officials.  Once the ARRL Board of
Directors establishes a formal position on a topic, the failure to
proceed forward with that unified public opinion is a disservice to the
members and a detriment to the hobby.

The next set of motions are from the Executive Committee.  Delta
Division Director Norris (and the entire committee) put forth
significant time to assemble these proposed changes to the Articles of
Association and Bylaws.  I support all the changes proposed except for
EC-6 and EC-12.  I am working with the authors to understand the full
meaning of the proposed changes before I put my support behind EC-6 and
EC-12.  As you review the documents and formulate your own options, I
encourage Dakota Division members to submit their feedback to me.

Hudson Division Director Lisenco has submitted a series of motions for
discussion.  I agree with motion #5 yet disagree with other motions to
give board officers (President, Vice Presidents and Treasurer) voting
privilege equivalent to a director.  I am open to hearing Dakota
Division member feedback on Director Lisenco’s motions.

I was not a participant in the censure of Dick Norton.  Vice Directors
did not participate in the discussion nor have a vote.  I hope the 2017
board has put the matter to rest and the 2018 board will focus on how do
we get more people into the hobby, increase league membership and
strengthen our relationships with the FCC, ITU, local public safety
officers, and non-governmental agencies like the Red Cross.

I do not expect unanimous consent on all motions being proposed.
However, I do expect that we will treat each other with respect, have
honest discussions and achieve consensus on matters that will benefit
ARRL members, the amateur radio community (home and abroad) and the
hobby we all enjoy.

Thank you for the choosing me as your representative for the Dakota
Division for the ARRL Board of Directors.  I look forward to the
opportunity to serve you.

73 Happy New Year,
Matt Holden K0BBC
Director, Dakota Division

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