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K6RV Letter January 11, 2018

From: Donald Schliesser <>
Date: Thu, Jan 11, 2018 at 12:14 AM
Subject: Open Letter to the ARRL Board


ARRL Officers, CEO, Directors, Vice Directors,

My name/call is Donald L. Schliesser, K6RV.  I have been licensed since 1952, 66 years, and an ARRL Life Member for 55 years. I have been very active over the years, as one of the four Founders of the Northern California DX Foundation, as President of the Northern California DX Club, as one of the founding members of the Northern California Contest Club and in many other ways, including my donations to the ARRL, and my setting up a Legacy Gift through my Will and Living Trust.

I have been concerned about the ARRL, and its direction, for the last couple of years starting with the, in my opinion, misguided Rule Making in RM-11708, and the Ham Radio Bill (Parity Act) currently awaiting action in the U.S. Senate.  The most recent actions by the present ARRL President and his friends on the Board, and the ARRL CEO (the so called “Code of Conduct” for Directors/Vice-Directors, the unwarranted censure of Director Dick Norton), have really given me reason to be alarmed and to take action.  Now with the changes being proposed to the Articles of Incorporation / Bylaws by some Directors (with the direction of Mr. Roderick), makes me want to say the line from the old Movie: “I am mad as Hell and I am not going to take it anymore!”.

I do not have to go through the arguments for or against any of these proposals – you all know what they are.  The bottom line is that they are all counter to an Organization that should be operated in a democratic way.  These are all things that smack of a Hostile Takeover of the ARRL with the end result of appointing Directors/Vice Directors and others so that the ARRL will be run by a Cabal of power hungry people to the exclusion of the Members who should be able to choose their representatives, and communicate with them without inside threats, pressure, or intimidation.

It is my view that the present ARRL President does not care what the Members think or say – if they disagree with him. He appears to think this insult to the Members will pass. He appears to not want to have any input from the Members. I contend he is wrong and those who support him will find this concern by the Members will NOT go away.

I make this promise and commitment:  I am rescinding my Legacy Gift, I will make no more donations to the ARRL, unless and until, the present Officer’s are changed.  More importantly, I will make it my mission to talk to ALL of the Legacy Gift Donors and Annual Donors and ask them to cancel their support for an Organization that, in my view, has fallen into disrepute by the actions of a few at the top.

Donald L. Schliesser, K6RV
Cedar ParkTX