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K7CEX Response to WWDXC, Jan 10, 2018

Reprinted with permission.

From: Northwestern Division Director <>
Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2018 9:20 PM
To: Adam Blackmer
Subject: Re: WWDXC Letter to K7CEX



Thank you for your email and club letter.  Your concerns are noted, and I will do my best to address some of them in this response.

I do not support the proposal to change the voting status of the President or Vice Presidents.  That being said, I’m not certain that it will actually make the table.

On the matter of the Code of Conduct; indeed there is a proper place for such a document.  The existing one, truly needs some wordsmithing to make it clearer.  There actually isn’t a ‘gag order’ on me or any other Director.  There are prohibitions on how a Director or Officer should act in public.  Being professional and not disparaging a board member, officer, ARRL employee or the ARRL, is the only restriction that I know of.  To be name calling, attacking the personage of another or being openly hostile with someone whose opinion is different that yours (as a Director or Officer) is not professional and not in the best interests of the League or our hobby.

As to the misunderstanding on telling folks how we vote; every director has the ability to publish his/her vote at the board meeting, by requesting the Secretary to record his/her vote.  Additionally, every Director can request a roll call vote on any matter, which in doing will list every Director by name and their vote. (I expect this will happen more often now)  I think the misunderstanding was some wording that says a vote can’t be disclosed unless published – which would be as soon as the minutes were published.  Frankly, my vote is an open book to the Division.  I will tell you how I vote, just ask if there is a question.

Some of the other proposals that will come before the board certainly have issues on both sides of the argument.  I spent last evening going over the recently edited proposals and am now prepared to discuss/debate.  While on the board, I have never heard of a secret meeting nor would I participate in such a meeting.  I have asked the Secretary to be a little more detailed in the publishing of the minutes of the board meetings.  We as a board, can certainly be better communicators.

On the matter of Mr. Norton.  I’m not certain what the solution is here; at the special called board meeting I was of the opinion that a public censure was not the preferred action.  After listening to 14 other Directors including Mr. Norton and 4 officers, I changed my position and did vote for the censure. I do not believe that any Director took joy in the censuring of a colleague.  I’m certain the matter will be discussed at the meeting but I know of no proposal that has been made at this point for further disposition, but there could be one.

Again, thanks for your reasonable letter.  I will let you know more when I know more.

(btw) just got the dues renewal notice today – check’s in the mail

73 and good Hamming – chase those Grids


Jim, K7CEX