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N2ZZ Message to Roanoke Division, Jan 15, 2018

Sent: Mon, 15 Jan 2018 9:34 PM
Subject: Upcoming ARRL Board Meeting Comments

Dear Fellow Roanoke Division Members:

To the many of you who reached out to me over the past few weeks
concerning issues affecting ARRL and the upcoming meeting of its Board
of Directors, I want both to acknowledge and thank those who took the
time to contact me.  Vice Director Bill Morine, N2COP, and I have
received many, many emails regarding matters which have been circulating
on the internet concerning ARRL’s Articles of Association and Bylaws,
its subset known as the Code of Conduct, and their application as it
pertains to communications with you, our members.  Much of the inbound
correspondence to us has contained thoughtful and insightful
commentaries and recommendations.  Other emails have been the forwarding
of positions of clubs and blogs elsewhere.  I am grateful for all emails
from our division members, as these issues clearly are of importance to
all of us.

I invite all to read a communication from our President, Rick K5UR:

In my opinion, I concur that ARRL needs to do a better job in educating
its membership on governance, and on proposed changes which are designed
to keep ARRL both compliant with state and federal laws, and to ensure
ARRL continues to be recognized as a vibrant and progressive non-profit
organization. It is my pledge that I will do my best not only to
represent all of the almost 13,000 ARRL Roanoke Division members, but
also to keep you informed.  Together, Bill and I have tried to craft
individual replies to all Roanoke Division members who have contacted
us.  Look for me, Bill or both at many of the larger Hamfests this
spring, and updates in our quarterly Division newsletter we send to
members who signed up for this feature under their  myARRL membership
profile page on ARRL’s website at   Also, we will continue
to keep members current on our Division website at
and on the ARRL Roanoke Division Facebook page.

I can assure you that this coming weekend’s meeting of the ARRL Board of
Directors will be diligent in its review of proposals to amend the
Articles of Association, the Bylaws and the Code of Conduct.  We share
the same long term goal: the betterment of Amateur Radio as a whole, and
its foremost authority and advocate, the American Radio Relay League.
We may not reach an agreement on all matters of controversy at this next
meeting, but we will continue to find solutions which will keep ARRL a
valued resource to all Hams everywhere.  Above all, I deeply appreciate
knowing your positions on issues impacting the League.  I leave Tuesday
for Newington in advance of an impending storm to attend committee
meetings which precede the board meeting.  Once these sessions begin, my
ability to respond to emails will be limited.  However, I want you to
know that this is the first meeting in a long time in which I am
encouraged by the outpouring of support which has reinforced that,
together, we can, and will, move ARRL forward.


Jim Boehner, N2ZZ
Director – Roanoke Division

ARRL Roanoke Division
Director: James F Boehner, N2ZZ