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W5JON Letter Jan 13, 2018

From: John Abbruscato [] Sent: Saturday, January 13, 2018 7:42 PM
Subject: CoC controversy


TO: David Woolweaver K5RAV,  Director West Gulf Division

I am John Abbruscato, W5JON, I have been continuously licensed and active since 1960.  I grew up in Westfield , N.J. and moved to Texas with wife, Cathy (W5HAM) in 1975. I have been a continuous member of the ARRL since 1961, and a Life Member since 1972.

Born in March 1945, and therefore will be celebrating my seventy third birthday this March. As a symbolic gesture at “73”, I planned to contact my Financial Advisor/Attorney to discuss giving a series of Legacy Gifts to the ARRL, be included in my future Financial Planning.

Having attended the DX conference in Visalia , CA , I have been following with great interest, the injustice done to N6AA, by other then three members of the BoD. What is even more troubling, is what is becoming total NON-transparency of the ARRL Board of Directors.

May I suggest that the Motion currently before the Board, be “tabled” at the upcoming meeting, as suggested by many concerned ARRL members. I further suggest, input from the membership be solicited BEFORE any action is taken by the BoD.

Be assured, should the ARRL Board of Directors not make a proven concerted effort to reverse this path of “Board Secrecy”, and not become transparent to the membership, my planned Legacy Gifts to the ARRL will be out of the question.

Best regards,


John Abbruscato  W5JON