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Yankee Clipper Contest Club Letter

Subject:    YCCC Letter to ARRL Board on Goverance

Date:       Mon, 8 Jan 2018 09:54:36 -0500

From:       Dennis <>




The Yankee Clipper Contest Club is an ARRL – affiliated organization with approximately 300 members, most of whom are ARRL members (and many are Life Members). We pride ourselves upon having many of the most active hams in the New England area among our ranks.  There are hams that are not only on the air, but also active in ARRL Matters.  Over the 40 years of our existence, our membership has included many ARRL New England Division Directors, Vice Directors, Assistant Directors, Section Managers, Volunteer Counsels, and a host of other ARRL appointees.

This letter expresses our concern about events unfolding within the ARRL.  Specifically:

  1. The Code of Conduct passed in 2017.  This Code serves as a “Gag Order”, preventing open communications between the Board and the membership after a motion has passed.  It furthers the lack of transparency in Board dealings.
  2. The recent censure of Dick Norton, N6AA.  The censure appears to be an over-reaction to whatever Mr. Norton did.  Due to the Code of Conduct, we do not know the facts.
  3. Candidates for Division Directors being disqualified for “Conflict of Interest”. Despite the candidates’ efforts,  no one will specify what the conflict is.
  4. The By-Law revisions proposed by Board member K5UZ. Appendix B, in particular, seems to be a drastic answer to an unclear problem.
  5. The By-Law revisions proposed by Board member N2YBB. Giving the President and three Vice-Presidents the right to vote (on all matters except their own election) is a blatant attempt to “pack the board”.

Each of these actions reduces the transparency of the Board, stifles communications between the Board and its members, and reduces the confidence that the membership has in the Board.

To correct the situation, the Yankee Clipper Contest Club urges the ARRL Board to do the following:

  1. Rescind the Code of Conduct.
  2. Rescind the censure of N6AA.
  3. Provide any disqualified candidate, at their request, specific reasons for disqualification.
  4. Vote down the By-Law Revisions of K5UZ.
  5. Vote down the By-Law Revisions of N2YBB.



Yankee Clipper Contest Club Officers


Dennis Egan, W1UE, President YCCC

Charles Morrison, N1RR, Vice President, YCCC Brian Szewczyk, NJ1F, Secretary, YCCC Chet Slabinski, N8RA, Treasurer, YCCC Tony Brock-Fisher, K1KP, Past President, YCCC