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The Issues

ARRL is the primary American organization that represents Amateur Radio in the halls of government and sets standards and policies that affect us all. We have all embraced ARRL as a democratic institution worthy of our dedication and contributions. Essential to our support has been the open, transparent, and democratic fashion of ARRL governance conducted over the last century by its staff and elected Board of Directors.

Recently, however, certain actions of ARRL have demonstrated a profound change in this approach. We are now seeing governance conducted in near secrecy, with arbitrary policy decisions and proposed bylaw changes that will make ARRL an organization very different from what we had, expect, want, and need.

Examples of recent actions include the following (click on each item to see more detail):

The Amateur Radio Parity Act was renegotiated to favor HOA positions

The ARRL BoD Code of Conduct limits what you get to know

Your Director’s voting power could be diminished

Vice Directors could have been eliminated from the ARRL

The ARRL Board’s governance proposals have generated significant undisclosed legal fees

Your elected Director could be censured for communicating with you

Your candidate for Board of Directors could be disqualified without explanation

Lack of transparency impedes a Member's ability to participate in governance

The governance attitude of the proponents of these measures, including directors, officers and advisers (such as General Counsel), should frighten any ARRL member. Put simply, they are trying to stifle debate, render representation meaningless, and turn the ARRL into a closed organization very unlike what we all have enjoyed throughout our ham radio lives. We can’t let this happen.