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January 2018 Board Motions

The ARRL Board of Directors are meeting on January 19, 2018 and will be considering a number of proposals to change the By-Laws. The items below have been made public in advance of the meeting.

Lisenco (N2YBB) AABL proposed amendments

Lisenco AABL proposed amendments.html

Norris-EC (K5UZ) AABL proposed amendments made on behalf of the Executive Committee

Norris EC 1 ARRL AABL Gramatical Revisions Motion.pdf

Norris EC 2 Art 15 Liability.pdf

Norris EC 3 Art 16.pdf

Norris EC 4 Mebership  Dues.pdf

Norris EC 5 Life Member Bylaw 8 9 10.pdf

Norris EC 6 Terms of Office.pdf

Norris EC 7 Elections BLs.pdf

Norris EC 8 Recalls BL 24.pdf

Norris EC 9 Officers Duties BLs.pdf

Norris EC 10 Committees BLs.pdf

Norris EC 11 BL 48 Dispute Res.pdf

Carlson (W9XA) Policy on Board Governance

Carlson Motion 1.pdf
Motion to modify